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Friday, May 22, 2009


by Magik Markers

It's sick
time goes too quick
what you got don't mean dick
did I catch you
did I catch you
yeah the ultimate
wire take a grip
guns and gates and stuff
You look like a drip
I don't need any thing
that's my thing
you know
bring em back alive
take out the truck and put it in drive
You know what?
yeah yell scream
and then you'll know, you're livin the dream
easy money on a friday night
It's not hard
It's not hard
It's not hard
It's not hard
It's not hard
It's not hard
if you're doing it right
Begin it again
then find an end
ropes are strung up
by the jerks who said they were your friends
people do these things?
No night
No night
No night
No night
No night
without end
I see your skulls teeth shine in the night
sinking deep into the neon light
yeah dumb buck, go ahead, try to get it right
electric strength