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Friday, April 2, 2010

Marissa Magic Reviews Tom Tom magazine

And what do I do with these wooden sticks?

I heard about
Tom Tom magazine a bit ago and I was stoked. I’m always excited about ladies magazines that are made by non-corporate entities, and to focus on a field that is so male dominated? So rad! I envisioned grrls giving other grrls drumming advice and tips, gear reviews, maybe even some feminist analysis. I dreamed of a magazine that was glossy like pro magazines but filled with information and insights not normally seen in a mainstream publication, something that was entirely about grrls supporting grrls and breaking up the boys club of drumming. Recently Explode into Colors cruised through town armed with a stack of Tom Toms. Hanging out at the place EIC was crashing I spotted a couple copies on a coffee table and quietly swiped one to peruse. I sat back on the couch and began to flip through. Oh. It’s a fucking fashion magazine.

-marissa magic

read the rest of her thoughtful review here


Tobi Vail said...

to be fair, I haven't read Tom Tom yet, but am supportive of the idea of the magazine. Lisa asked me to do an interview/question thing but I declined because I'm not really drumming in a band right now and thought maybe it would be better to do it when I was getting ready to go on tour or something...

to be honest, I'm pretty uninterested in reading a technical magazine on drumming and really don't have too much to say about playing drums.

to me drumming is like running or doing a physical task, like cleaning or working in the yard or something. when I am writing parts or learning a song I really have to turn my brain off and just go by intuition and muscle memory. if I think too much about it, I mess up.

I started drumming when I was a competitive gymnast and I took all the momentum and training I had learned from years of dance and gymnastics and channeled into the drums-- so for me it is a purely physical, movement activity. not something I have any conceptual ideas about

as for gear, well I have the same drums I inherited from my dad that he's had since the mid-60's and am totally 100% uninterested in anyone else's drum kit. it sounds perfect to me, so why mess with it?

however, I do like the IDEA of a drumming magazine for girls. but as for things to say about drumming? maybe the drumming says it all ...hence the prevalence of photos?

not sure, I'll have to think about it

before everyone gets defensive about marissa's review, please remember that feminist critique comes from a place of wanting to move things forward. let's envision what kind of feminist magazines we want to see in the future. this, I think, is the spirit that her review was written in...

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