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Friday, September 30, 2011

whatever happened to chris bald?

dischord is reissuing subject to change by faith (I always called them 'the faith' because it sounds better) with extra tracks. here's an interview with band members but no chris bald. I often wonder whatever happened to him. he roadied for bikini kill once or twice. I heard he moved to kentucky and then I lost track. usually people show up eventually, but occasionally someone disappears. maybe "bald" is not his real name? anyone know?


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know the answer to this question too!

But what I would *really* love to know is whatever happened to the individual members of Huggy Bear. I can't believe the way they vanished. Any idea?!

Anonymous said...

He is an artist, currently living in Louisville Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

sorry this isn't related to the post, but thought you might get a kick out of this!


Anonymous said...

i know this sounds absurd but i used to be in a band with him for a couple years, we opened up for bands like the new mexico, bolth,the andallusions and the toasters + blah blah for a couple years it was all weird noisy improv stuff, sounded like killing joke being raped by a roland 1000, to answer your question he is currently an artist (mostly abstract paintings) living in louisville raising his two beautiful daughters and a stepson

Anonymous said...

I used to wonder 'whatever happened to Ivor Hanson', but then - as if in response - he wrote a book.

Anonymous said...

He lives in Louisville, has 2 kids, and is as nice a guy as you are going to meet. Haven't talked to him in years, but think of him, now and again, and worry on his behalf a little.

Anonymous said...

I worked with him at a food co-op whilst living in Louisville, KY. He was a really great, salt-of-the-earth kind of guy, but it seemed as if life had really kicked his ass. This was back in 2001, so I'm not sure how he's doing now. He had a weird hippie wife who seemed to be kind of mean to him. I managed to open him up about embrace once or twice, all good stories. He told me that he showed up to the Fugazi show in Louisville at the Old Male School and Ian/Guy sort of big-timed him and vibed him out of the room. I could tell that made him sad as he recounted the story to me. Hope this helps.