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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

best of 2013 by zarjaz

Lauren Laurano by Spider & The Webs.

This track stood out as soon as I heard it.  It is some of the best music ever.  It is a masterpiece. The style and playing ability just goes to a mix that exudes greatness. Listening to it and I find myself burning incense and praying to my effigies asking WHY?  WHY?  WHY?  Why can’t I be like this? Why can’t I make this sound?  You do that too right?  Seek Lauren Laurano out and consume.

Tell Me Where It Is You Go by GURR.

Come together between Europe and the USA this band is a true rock n roll legend. Beginning and swiftly going from limited playing experience toforming and developing across the Atlantic, uncanny, incredible sound,talents and songs.  Guys, watch out!  GURR are gonna getcha!

Field Elevator by Sapphire Mansions.

How much more does it take for people to see that the mainstream has got nothing, has always followed the underground, the DIY and the unique?  SM are the archetypal example of this and in particular the 12 inch mini album, Over America, that this track is taken from.  Not only is this style and sound unique and clearly coming from the hearts and minds of the players to establish new territory, because they rightly so believe in it, but the recordings are also made by some of New York’s finest, including Jay Hough, now a veteran of punk ass dope shit, along with Serge Pinky on bass, trumpet by Gary Olson and recorded at Brooklyn’s Marlborough Farms studio.

Outside In, Hysterics, M’lady’s Records M’LR 044

WHAT DA FUK!? It’s aces.  Sit tight punkups.  2014 will be spectacularly good for punk rock n roll.

Cayucas by Cayucas.

There are a lot of things I like about this track.  The song is cool, the playing style, but most of all I like the reverb they seem to have adopted as their own unique sound.  The rest of the album fades off with no real exemplary songs but that’s OK, this track is enough for me.

No Place To Go by The Oscillation.

Although a different style, like with Spider & The Webs I’m at my effigies again with this praying to Jupiter and Venus, asking why can’t I do this? No Place To Go is set apart from most musics, again because of greatness and it is also indicative of the rest of The Oscillation’s output.  I just find outstanding the blend of the entire psychedelic 60’s and all we learned from the Pink Fairies, Syd Barrett and Hawkwind and then with all the best of the urban industrial legacies of the 1990’s up to the present and here leading the way, The Oscillation bringing fresh and life giving magic to the parley.  To avoid a serious revolution against the music industry, The Oscillation, with their seriously extraordinary psychedelic light show by Julian Hand, should rightfully be one of the biggest arena playing bands of the near future.

Ever After High Theme Song by Olivia Olsen

Such a great spirit, such a great song, such a great voice.  I love this.

Oz The Great And Powerful, movie

Along with Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz has always loomed large in my legend.  I don’t know if I’m addicted to it or what.  All I know is I have always been totally taken by it, mesmerized and wanting more.  I have studied the Judy Garland movie incalculable times, can possibly word off the script and I even often listen to a recording of the entire film backing music track with secondary and background dialogues, with the main script dialogue taken out, as Im driving in my car.  I watched with some interest from first hearing of a great Oz production being developed with intrepid horror of what abominations they would trivialize this masterpiece in the name of a new Hollywood production for the latest dim stars and distribution rights.  Some time ago I heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger was to be in it and that Britney Spears was set to be Dorothy.  After the terrible film by Sophia Copola trashing my Majesty Marie Antoinette in one of the worst commercial abominations I have ever come across I feared the worst for the merry old land of Oz.  Not just for the personal feelings I have towards my Majesty and her family but as probably the most momentous period and set of events in our entire history, misrepresented, misinformed, trivialized.  I expected the same for OZ.  After now watching Oz The Great And Powerful, several many times over I am extremely pleased with how it turned out.  The total opposite to the Marie Antoinette disaster movie.  I think a lot of care and respect has been shown to present a land of OZ, pre Dorothy by say 50 years or so and the origins of how the fairground tricker became Oz the great and powerful and setting the stage for Dorothy to come. Totally charming. Totally beautiful SFX and spectacular wicked witches.

World War Z, movie

I’m a total zombie head.  I used to jump at the chance to sit in half empty cinemas watching Zomby Flesh Eaters, Day Of The Dead and many others when they first came out.  Zomby Flesh Eaters was originally an option for the stage backdrop video for the 2012 Freakapuss – Tronics USA shows but I opted for Perversion Story, because Melissa Mell was in it but also Elsa Martinelli, the first actress to appear fully naked in a mainstream film but who was dying at the time, in real life, practically unnoticed by the film world.   Since these great beginnings I think zombie films took a down turn, especially with the British comedic versions that other zombie heads seem to prefer.  Seeing the development of zombies speeding up to a frenzy in Dawn of The Dead was a thrilling development.  Now in World War Z they are totally swarming at a frenzied pace and stunning visual FX. Seeing Brad Pit in it was unusual.  I don’t often go for a lot for films Brad is in, as great as he is, but the moments of action and implied threat were more than making up for it.  Besides World War Z is something I can more than relate to as I continue to assault the world with Freakapuss and other crack pot notions.

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