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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best of 2008 by Sara Peté

from the desk of ms. peté...

kristyn (winning lasses), looking like an exceptionally handsome roy orbison, and her friends covering rihanna's "umbrella" at the stonewall youth auction.

dr. quintard taylor, creator of blackpast.org, coming to the olympia library and discussing african-american history in washington state. his presentation included a slide of black panthers right here in olympia on the capitol steps in the 1960s (!!!), lots of civil rights movement photos taken in the nw, and a reminder that tumwater, wa was founded by a black pioneer.
also his book - from timbuktu to katrina: readings in african-american history.

mattilda bernstein sycamore reading from "so many ways to sleep badly" and thea hillman reading from "intersex: for lack of a better word" at the evergreen state college library.

comet gain - the record with "fists in my pockets" not sure when it came out but it was neurotically overplayed on the homefront by james during 2008 but i love it still.

discovering the song "saturday night in hickman county" by johnny cash.

erick lyle's reading at the library and the olympian publishing my review of his book "on the lower frequencies".

joshua ploeg's cooking demo and zine reading (along with 3 oly zinesters) at the library. this sweet program AND the olympia library's new (and already much loved) zine collection both happened in 2008 thanks to my rad co-worker and friend kelsey smith.

the trip to HONG KONG and remembering the word "bonkers" and knowing it's the only one that can so beautifully and succinctly describe it.

pierced arrows, november witch, c.o.c.o., and spider and the webs shows at the brotherhood.

the mona reels and the old haunts at rainy day on independent record store day and the hilarious quote from adam that the olympian ran after talking to him that day.

old haunts olympia basement show and the newest old haunts album.

saturday nights at the qb with the djs of the mason county wrecking crew.

election night

jane gardam's - the queen of the tambourine
"for i am the queen of the tambourine the cymbals and the bones"

-sunday nights with dj wildman

-the re-birth of the jigsaw underground

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mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

And Sara, it was so great to meet you!!!!

Keep in touch...

Love --