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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Late Night Listening: Pink Dollaz

Pink Dollaz
are from LA...really cool so far...I have to listen quiet because everyone is asleep...shhh. stay tuned. they are a part of this scene, which you have probably already seen on youtube i just saw that mad decent posted a track a few weeks ago here it looks like possible collaborations with diplo and maybe MIA are in the works.

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here's what they have to say about Pink Dollaz:
Ya girl Shay-Nutt had a chance to catch up with the Inglewood bread group "Pink Dollaz". This group is trully new to the game and when I say new I really mean new. Starting the group less than 6 months ago these ladies have gain major recognition with over 3 millions myspace plays and millions of youtube views the fans want "Pink Dollaz" With hits like "Tastey", "Never Hungry" and my new favorite "Don't Need Know N*gga" these ladies are sure to make an impact on this new movement they call "Jerk Music". They're currently getting ready to shoot their first video to "Never Hungry" under the leadership of LanceAlot Management. The girls are currently seeking "the right deal" and with radio play and the fans demand i'm sure thats not that far away."

1 comment:

Myszka said...

Hey Tobi, it's Mish from White Lung. Thanks for blogging about Pink Dollaz!!!