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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Late Night Listening: The Slits

So I have a dub of a Slits bootleg on VHS and I think it's a bunch of stuff shot by Don Letts. This is on it. Does anyone know what the bootleg is that
i have? I have watched it many times at 3 AM as a perfect end to a late night out...

I recently read Typical Girls: The Story of the Slits and am working on a review for The Bumpidee Reader

check out Viv Albertine's website

more soon!


martin63 said...

It's from Don Letts "Slits Pictures" from 1978. Basic almost home movie style video. The "Typical Girls" promo is from the same period.

Unknown said...

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did i send that to you? i can't remember? was this a brettflix of the month or sumfink?