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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Frumpies: Frumpie One Piece

The Frumpies singles CD, Frumpie One Piece, is on sale this month from Kill Rock Stars

Here's a web-feature I wrote about recording the Frumpies Forever 7"

Check the KRS Mail Order Freaks Blog for more details


Molly Neuman said...

Frumpies Forever sounds so good. Actually, all our records sound so good. 4 track cassette genius.

Cathy said...

I was just thinking about how "I just wanna puke on the stereo" is one of the greatest song titles of all times (and songs!). It should seriously be a bumper sticker.

Gland Dialer said...

Is there any chance of "Eunuch Nights" being repressed? I love those songs, but never obtained a copy. I know it's on "Frumpie One Piece," but Frumpies are best experienced on 7" ep.

Tobi Vail said...

hey, regarding Eunuch Nights, something went wrong with that one. we pressed 500 but it sold less than that on paper and then went out of print. I don't know why, it has never been explained to me other than "they were just lost in the shuffle". I don't think I have a copy anymore...

Gland Dialer said...

Perhaps there is a cache of Eunuch Nights in a closet or warehouse somewhere... I guess I'll have to keep searching the used bins (since I'm not a fan of the ebay).
Be well,

p.s. Has anyone ever talked about doing a Go Team reissue?

cloudeea said...

I'm searching 'Alien Summer Nights' 7" everywhere.
Do you know if there's the chance to find it somewhere?
I need it to complete my 'addicted' to Frumpies collection.

Tobi Vail said...

Hey, Alien Summer Nights went out of print immediately, within a month or two of it coming out. The pressing was 300 I think...not sure. I don't have this one either, just a test pressing.

Harold said...

the two frumpies videos that are online are amazingly beautiful and totally take me out of time. intertube tomorrow in general totally stops time! it's such great stuff.

cloudeea said...

Oh, I didn't know about it, ok! Thank you a lot anyway.

Anonymous said...

I might have a copy of Eunuch Nights. I'm not positive and a lot of my records are film-covered in a box because my needle on my player is broken and has been for quite some time, but from what I remember I had that one but did not have Frumpies Forever and that bothered me because the songs on that release weren't later re-released on Frumpie One Piece, so I couldn't hear them (and this was before the days of p2p and common highspeed internet, or before I was wise to it anyway).

I'll look in my boxes and bins- I have a lot of KRS stuff, and some other old stuff that's probably rare that I've found from record stores.

If Tobi still answers this blog and has any idea or confirmation- I don't know if you were in any association with Viva Knieval, but I have their sole EP release (hand numbered.. somewhere in the 100s, I'd have to go look) and it's in good condition. I've read it was limited to 1,000 but I haven't heard much else about the band... any info you could lend?(or anyone else for that matter?) I found it in a record bin awhile back now.