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Friday, December 30, 2011

Best of 2011 by Dave Harvey

Recording the Family Stoned
Having seen them play a couple sonically confusing shows, I was surprised when they came in and promptly put down 6 or 7 completely cohesive punk-hippy jams with a dialed-in sound that translated naturally to tape. Caroline's melodic rock'n'roll vocals were the cherry on top. Check out the self-released cassette - I'd tell you the name of it, but they haven't even gotten a copy to me yet, but it's the 2nd tape.

Dead Head recording and live
I've dug them all along, but they've gotten more focused with every show, and came over and made a great stripped down sludgy hard rock recording that shows off their musical interaction much better than the first recording - plus wind chimes on this one. Dead Head II is the self-released cassette I'm speaking of.

Hysterics live and recording
Hysterics always kill it, even in the daylight or if there's only 8 people present - and that's saying something. Adriana is like the Keith Richards of hardcore - I get the sense that everyone else in the band is following her, when most bands follow the drummer. She's a riffin' machine. It was a treat hanging out with them for a couple days recording their 7" that, after many inexplicable delays, finally came out on M'lady's records a few weeks ago.

Speaking of M'lady - best hair salon I've seen this year:
M'lady, M'lord, in Yuma, AZ. Unisex, of course.

Dial M For Murder in dual 35mm projector 3D at the Capitol Theater
Part of the best Oly Film Fest I've seen in years, this was the film I've most wanted to experience for many years now, but I never thought I'd get to actually project it. Co-helming the projectors with Joaquin de la Puente, this was incredibly rewarding both in the completely antiquated but 100% functional technology at work - nothing even remotely digital - and the beautiful result. Oh, and the movie itself is awesome, too!

Long hangs alone in wintery deserts, and driving from Austin to Olympia only hitting one interstate for about 80 miles.

Nuts #8 release party in that burned-out building.
Man, hats off to Troggin'-dog, this was such an incredible concept and I still can't believe he actually pulled it off. I had to work some lame event at the Theater and missed the entire last half and got really pissed especially cuz I was really looking forward to jamming some dive-bomb fuzz-wah guitar with Son Skull and I got there right when they finished and I really really wanted to see them and god only knows when and if they'll next play again.

Speaking of which:
The new Son Skull 12"
After something like a year and half's recording time - I think only Axl Rose takes longer - I had no idea if the recordings would even glue together as one record but they totally did. It almost feels like a concept album - er, EP. Way harsher than their Birth Scene/Rewind 12", but with moments that are far gentler as well - such as Mary conjuring sonorous harmonics from the depths of a crystal bowl and Frida rockin' the windswept brass elephant bell. Again, I don't even know what this is called cuz I don't have a copy yet and so far only glorified test pressings have been available with screen printed covers - official issue coming any day now.

Totally low budget "professional" wrestling in a church basement in Montreal with all the wrestlers screaming in French. Marvelous Jeff! Sexy Leon Savors!

Aki Kaurismaki's new film Le Havre
Any time this Finnish dude has a new movie it's cause for celebration. A carful of us went up to Seattle last week to catch it and it didn't let down in the slightest. Kaursimaki's usual low-key storytelling takes a political bent, but in the most humanistic manner possible. I laughed and I cried. And Little Bob rocked it and Jean-Pierre Léaud - the kid from The 400 Blows - creeped it up as the small-minded snitch. Coming to the Capitol Theater the week of January 27th. I can't recommend it enough.

All in one day: hanging out with Wayne Kramer and getting rocked so hard by The Stooges with James Williamson on guitar that parts of my body are still sore a month later and dancing onstage during Shake Appeal and seeing Iggy's cock 4 feet in front of my face.

There's kinda nothing more to say after that.

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