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Friday, April 2, 2010

Marissa Magic Reviews Tom Tom magazine

And what do I do with these wooden sticks?

I heard about
Tom Tom magazine a bit ago and I was stoked. I’m always excited about ladies magazines that are made by non-corporate entities, and to focus on a field that is so male dominated? So rad! I envisioned grrls giving other grrls drumming advice and tips, gear reviews, maybe even some feminist analysis. I dreamed of a magazine that was glossy like pro magazines but filled with information and insights not normally seen in a mainstream publication, something that was entirely about grrls supporting grrls and breaking up the boys club of drumming. Recently Explode into Colors cruised through town armed with a stack of Tom Toms. Hanging out at the place EIC was crashing I spotted a couple copies on a coffee table and quietly swiped one to peruse. I sat back on the couch and began to flip through. Oh. It’s a fucking fashion magazine.

-marissa magic

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