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Monday, November 1, 2010

guitar madness

Elisa Ambrogio

Marcia Bassett

Patti Smith

Lauren K Newman


marissa magic said...

Rad post Tobi! I'm playing guitar in a band now and I get freaked out that I'm not "playing right" this was awesome reassurance/new ideas.

Tobi Vail said...

hey Marissa, that's awesome that you are playing guitar...yeah I like to play "not right" too but in a band sometimes it's hard to break free of the convention of a song. Elisa is amazing performance/sound perfection to me...I saw Zaimph last year and that blew my mind...there isn't too much footage of Patti Smith playing guitar, but I always return to this video...and Lauren from LKN totally blows my mind...she's like Sylvia Juncosa but more intense. I also like Julie Cafritz, Kim Gordon and Jean Smith...Frightwig had a lot of cool playing as well.
I really look forward to hearing you play guitar...I have been thinking about the article you wrote on "the female scream" in music and thinking about what the guitar equivalent is

David L said...

Awesome post Tobi! I had the good fortune of getting to see Patti Smith live in my teens, and it's an experience I still cherish and hold dear to my heart to this day. She's wonderful. I definitely need to make it a point to listen to more of the Magik Markers, I'm highly impressed with Ms. Ambrogio.