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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Upset the Rhythm: The Younger Lovers

Upset The Rhythm TV Episode #2: The Younger Lovers from Charles Chintzer Lai on Vimeo.

Brontez from the Younger Lovers & Layla's mom!


Maia said...

fuck yes riot gurlll

Eric said...

"I am Pearl. The Riot Mom." "Whooo!"

I find interesting what Brontez says about gay men "never having any type of feminist training." I see it time and time again - you'd think a person from a marginalized "category" would not cause marginalization themselves! Oh the humanity...

Anonymous said...

Just as an FYI, if you click on the video's link, you'll see that the show was credited as being at a "London House Party". It was in fact a) not an Upset the Rhythm show to begin with, and b) filmed (without the organisers being asked) at a long-term punk squat in Battersea. Credit where credit's due! The Dewdrop squat ain't no middle class kid's parent's house, just sayin'...Great show though!