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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I love Planned Parenthood


My name is Tobi Vail, and I am friends with a group of Olympia,
Washington residents that started counter-protesting anti-choice
protests at our local Planned Parenthood clinic in downtown Olympia,
beginning about 4 weeks ago. The anti-choice protests have been going
on for years. About 4 weeks ago my friends organized a couple
fund-raisers for Planned Parenthood. At one of the fund-raisers, a
Planned Parenthood representative spoke briefly and said the one thing
they really wished for was counter-protests at the clinic on their
regular procedure days (Fridays). The anti-choice protesters have huge
horrible signs and a giant truck plastered with intense propaganda,
address clinic workers by name as they head into work, heckle women
going into the clinic, etc., etc. The usual harassment that wears
people down and hurts women.

We are interested in connecting with groups in the area that support
reproductive rights and might be interested in participating with us
in the counter-protests. We are trying to stick to a very positive,
supportive, and unified message that states, in essence "We support
Planned Parenthood". The anti-choice protesters are so bitterly
dedicated to their position and have been doing this for YEARS. We
invite all local people from all walks of life that support the humane
treatment of women and reproductive health and welfare to get involved
and support Planned Parenthood.

• Here is a testament from a worker at the local PP on the effect of
our counter-protests: Why I Work for Planned Parenthood - Amazing

• Here is an ongoing event page created for the show of support: I ♥
Planned Parenthood Fridays!!

• For this past Friday's event, a local shirt company screen-printed
"I <3 Planned Parenthood" shirts so people could make donations from
the street to get a tshirt - we raised over $400 for Planned
Parenthood in one day!
• My friends started a group for the Olympia Planned Parenthood on
Facebook: I love Planned Parenthood

Tobi Vail

This photo is from a post on Olyblog about Planned Parenthood Fridays


Shawna Elizabeth said...

Can you make I heart Planned Parenthood Shirts for Sale on the Internet? I will buy one!

Anonymous said...


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