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Monday, January 2, 2012

Best of 2011 by Zarjaz

1. Comet Gain, Howl Of The Lonely Crowd, What’s Your Rupture

2. Crystal Stilts, Through The Floor, Slumberland Records

3. The Bandana Splits, Sometimes, Boy Scout Recordings

4. Rancid Hell Spawn, Abolition Of The Orgasm, Wrench Records

5. Lykke Li, I Follow Rivers, Atlantic/LL Recordings

6. The Dictaphone, Past Future Void, Tolmie Terrapin Press

7. Benjamin Franklynstein, Shout, Ben A Larceny Records

8. Andi Silvas, Drift With Me, Andi Silvas (self release)

9. Magic City Ruse, Radio Boxer, Flower Blade Records

10. The Tilt Room, Achilles High Heels, Punchsylvania Records

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