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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

best of 2013 by tobi vail

the jigsaw underground

band of the year - STILLSUIT

record of the year - Body/Head - Coming Apart

best feminist pop album - Ruby Pins-Ruby Pins

best punk record - Stillsuit-Stillsuit

favorite video by an underground artist: Freakapuss-'New 21st Century Dimension

best counter-hegemonic punk group - death drive

favorite band that didn't release a record: comet gain

favorite record to dance to: bleached - ride your heart LP

tape of the year - La Luz -Damp Face EP

favorite touring band I saw live: dead river

favorite pop song of the year - Janelle Monae - Q.U.E.E.N.(why isn't this #1?!?!)

best live band: VEXX (like Viva Knievel meets FANG at Tomata du Plenty's grave!!)

fav record I checked out from the public library: the who, live at hull (2012)

band to watch in 2014: gSp

best show at the Capitol Theater - The Julie Ruin, Survival Knife, Hott Fruit

best show put on by the Olympia All Ages Project at Northern - Priests

local band that broke up(or moved away or went on hiatus or whatever) that I wish was still playing all the time: sonskull tied with weird tv

best post-colonial pop album addressing neoliberal realities: MIA Matangi

best mainstream pop record: beyoncé-beyoncé

best "last show ever" - western hymn at the palace flophouse

best live original score to a film: Госкино to Eisenstein's October: ten days that shook the world

favorite feminist punk singer/performance artist: mary jane dunphe

fav nw garage pop: Morgan & the Organ Donors w/ Olivia on bass guitar & vocals

killer pop album made by a singer/songwriter - The Blow - The Blow

best music for the morning commute: daft punk - random access memories tied with wire pink flag (1977)

best avant rock-n-roll album Magik Markers - Surrender to the Fantasy

best local rockers to see live: "nu" nudity line up w/ stephie & rachel raging on 2nd guitar/keyboards

favorite hardcore band to see live: hysterics

best record I received as a gift: good throb 7" (released in 2012)

fav reissues/new release by an older group: tronics lps on m'lady's

favorite flexi: Gag (Perennial)

biggest hyped band I liked the least: savages

most played songs: unreleased tracks by bikini kill, spider & the webs shhh

favorite feminist noir fiction: Sara Gran's Claire Dewitt detective series

favorite young adult novel: Eleanor & Park

best work of fiction written by a punk rock goddess: The Vicious Red Relic Love A Fabulist Memoir by Ana Joy Springer (actually came out in 2011?)

favorite graphic novel about working in a library: bookhunter by jason shiga (2007)

favorite classic American novel: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison (1952)

favorite novel published in 2013 that's not a mystery: the woman upstairs by claire messud

favorite author from a long time ago I only discovered in 2013: Dorothy Baker (Cassandra at the Wedding WTF, like Carson McCullers meets Jane Bowles!)

best book from 2012 read in 2013: Sara Schulman - Gentrification of the Mind

favorite movie: spring breakers

personal best: being published by the Feminist Press(Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer & The Riot Grrl Collection)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When might the world get to hear the Spider and The Webs record then?? Happy New Year!