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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brontez Says

Hey Jigsaw Readers, Brontez (Gravy Train!!!!, the Younger Lovers, Fag School) wrote this cool coming of age spiel for us- It's pretty awesome, maybe he'll write a regular column? We hope so!!! xo TV

Im sitting outside the "recording studio" part at my warehouse, the extra band room outside by the back allyway. Oakland. I'm stoned to the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE and trying to write new Younger Lovers songs. I think im gonna call the LP Im Not Waiting On My Man or something dramatic like that. It WILL be groovy. It's beginning to hit me that i mostly just get stoned, talk shit and play music in this big dusty warehouse (i try to ditch schoolwork too).9 straight boys+ 1 KOOL rocker lady +me. Sometimes i take a break from the peace pipe. How did I get here? I have my theories. My boy Caleb is a fag who lives here (SF). We're friends cause I fell madly in love with him at a Gossip show 10 years ago. He explained that me + him are "post-Gen X'ers" like, we weren't old enough to hang out but we got all the "trickle down"=MEANINGS+MESSAGES. I admit with equal parts pride and shame that i'm totally 90's damaged. I remember when MTV different. As a tween I would stay up to watch a million indie (and major) bands on 120 MIN. that I didn't give a shit about just to get to the one video in the rotation that would get me through the week. Me and one of my homegrrrrrls were on the phone TRIPPING OUT that there was a time when you could turn on MTV and see Kathleen Hanna dancing in a Sonic Youth video. I remember older punks thinking it was lame. I thought it was groovy. Does magic like that tranlate in todays modern world? LETS EXAMINE THIS. Today you turn on MTV and their either trying to convince you that you should give a shit about some horrible rich kids birthday or trying to brainwash you into believing you really have something in common with Paris Hilton or Shitney. WEAK. But fuck that. Lets rewind and examine this notion-"the trickle down". As an adolescent being POLLUTED by the punk gene (it what some argued NOT a very punk way) I got slipped SPECIFIC subliminal messages= Being a slacker is cool+being a rocker/playing music cool+shit like that.I had it explained to me early that punk rock is a personal revolution and it's only ever truly "over" when it's over to you. I hold tight to that. I don't feel "over it". Now Im sitting here! Now the whole time I was haveing the revolution sold to me not many of my older heads spelled out to me things like "health insurance" or how the longer you stay a weird musician person the harder it is to get dates (unless your some random straight dude. all sweeping generalizations aside they seem to get away with that shit more and some RANDOM GIRL will ALWAYS date them. you know it's fucking true.)WHATEVER. I did my THANG. CONNECTIONS i've made as a result of being a rocker who hangs out and TRUE and FLAWLESS to me. It was almost a decade ago that I wa wasted of my ass in a punk house in Chattanooga TN (it was the town for it) an meet ADEE(future New Bloods drauma) for the first time and stole her "heartbomb" tattoo. It was almost a decade ago i meet my bandmate Seth and exchanged zines+tapes. I remember he was the first gay punk i knew and he was the firt person i ever came out too. I was happy when our paths meet. Then Chris+Steve XBXRX. We all moved from Alabama to Oakland with no license plate, no insurance/registration, +no speedometer (and 2 dogs). We made it across the country with less than 250 bucks on all three of us. Gas prices went up and that trip is a thing of the immediate past. I look at all my bro+sis's. It's not that i think we're "old" we're just OLDER. And its only the beginning. In my lusty older age i try to stay punk and up too date. Im going to buy that Vivian Girls LP cause i keep hearing that they're da bomb.

Brontez's Top 5 Bands for the Jigsaw Underground:

1. New Bloods
2. Bare Wires
3. Vivian Girls (i've only heard a 7inch but i'm down)
4. Shannon +theClams Shannon+the Clams SHANNON+THE CLAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. The Younger Lovers (I'm that fucking gross)

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