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Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Alice Bag

maybe you saw this, but Alice Bag is writing her autobiography and posting it as a work in progress here right now she is stalking elton john and it's the 70's.


Alice Bag said...

Dear Tobi,

Thank you for the link and the referrals to my blog. I really appreciate the favor. My editor got a little bit confused on the posting order but we will caught up in a couple of days.

Tobi Vail said...

hello alice bag! thanks for the comment. I got that art magazine with yr piece on darby crash when i was on tour in LA last spring, but i can't remember what it is called. i hadn't read your writing before but i really identified with yr perspective and liked how you talked about your friendship in terms of your own life. it made me want to read more of your work, so it's very very exciting to have discovered your blogs. thanks so much for making them and for posting your autobiography as a work in progress. that is really cool! yours truly, tobi vail