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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doom Town

From a Final Warning interview in MRR, 1984

Pushead: What's it like being a Portland band?

D: Boring.

T: Cliquey.

S: Stagnant.


Erika Meyer said...

I feel like 1980s Portland punk scene must have been one of the more inclusive scenes for females: Neo Boys, Lethal Dose, Sado Nation, Venerays, The Rats, M99, Obituaries, etc ...

Erika Meyer said...

(or?? was this, the only "Portland punk" post so far, a veiled message to some expatriates?) From what I heard, it was "boring" and "stagnant" to be in an original band BOTH Portland and Seattle during the early 80's. In Portland at least until '83 when we got our art/rock club Satyricon.