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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Three Guitar Attack: Go Team Live 1989

This Go Team footage surfaced today on youtube. I think it's from a show we did with the Melvins on July 20, 1989 at the Reko Muse Gallery in Olympia, WA. If so it was in between tours and Billy was living in SF so he isn't in this line up. Note Calvin's Death Squad T Shirt

The line up was me, Calvin and Brad.


Mike said...

Tobi, this is incredible footage. You know how fascinated I am with the Go Team, but I never thought I'd see the three-guitar lineup in action. The show I saw at Maxwell's (opening for Yo La Tengo) must have been just a couple of months later: it was with Calvin, Billy and you, and was far more rock & roll in nature. I keep hoping that Oklahoma Scramble footage will show up on YouTube someday, but do not have high hopes...

Unknown said...
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