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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MIA=Coolest Lady Ever!

us underground types don't often find much to get excited about re: music awards shows, but this year on one of the biggest music business awards shows, MIA performed live, 9 months pregnant. it was on youtube but it's gone now. if you didn't see it, you should try to get a copy of it, because it was pretty amazing. of course traditionally working women have often worked up until their due date and many still do, out of necessity. for MIA to go on TV this pregnant (in a revealing outfit no less!) not only challenges patriarchal roles about how women are supposed to act when they become mothers, it also can be read as an act of solidarity with working women (and mothers) everywhere. she totally rules.


Tobi Vail said...

oh it's here:


thanks kendra!!!

Tobi Vail said...

congrats to M.I.A. !!!!!!!