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Friday, June 26, 2009

Stephen Wells on Knitting, Authenticity & Twoi

No, you won't get any Farrah Faucet props from me (what did she actually DO?), but there was another lesser-known loss today-- Poet/Vitriolic Music Journalist Steven Wells died. If you think music criticism is pointless and pretentious then you probably haven't read him yet. I am not saying I agreed with all of his opinions, but I will say he was almost always entertaining, bombastic and spoke his truth heroically.

Here's a link to some of his more recent writing where you will find lucid spiels on Knitting "Has youth culture gone mad?" he asks (as a REAL question!), Authenticity "Why do we insist on authenticity in show business? A basic unwillingness to accept that all culture is artificial lies at the heart of our objection to fake performances"
and --my personal favorite in recent memory--Twoi! "Twoi is what you get when you cross Oi!, a hyper-aggressive, absurdist parody of 1970s English working class youth, with twee; the horribly annoying, faux-posh, passive-aggressive distillation of Enid Blytonesque 1950s English middle classes. And it's real. Very real. I feel your fear."

His last column, sadly, is here.

Read his writing. Think about it. Then start a band that's worth writing about.

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