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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Turboslut Broke Up

The July '09 ish of MRR also features an interview with Turboslut, an all-female (I think) hardcore band from DC who just BROKE UP. too bad every band that could possibly fit this description breaks up before they tour the west coast...to be fair, most DC bands are like this. I think the 'kids' there have a lot of pressure to get their shit together and turn careerist...or maybe that's a generalization that is unfair to apply here but seems to be part of it for a lot of groups...Joaquin just asked me if I'm still mad I never saw Gray Matter in concert! I think he's making fun of me now.

Anyhow, here is a live song from Turboslut (it's too dark to see) and maybe you'll get to hear some of their recordings if you dig (drink) deep (it's just a taste and it might not come this way again...)

P.S. Whatever happened to Chris Bald?

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