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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Black Wedge Tour, 1986

Jean Smith on The Black Wedge tour:

"Touring the west coast in 1986 opened our eyes to a whole different underground, a whole new punk rock. Everywhere we visited we met artists, writers, musicians and activists with a DIY aesthetic and their own methods for making things happen. It was a challenge for us, could these berry-picking, pie-baking kids organizing dance parties and swimming hole picnics be political? Everyone happy, picking up instruments to join in the fun. Us with our smash the state ferocity, and them with a bag of marshmallows and some extra sticks."

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It's hard not to think she's talking about Olympia here!


Anonymous said...

Someone once upon a very long time ago said, "remember kids, when you burn the white house, bring marshmellows"

Unknown said...

Who let Norms come to harm?
Punk aside Thurston County has changed so much since 1986;Lacey is now a big parking lot. I miss the Oly of yore.