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Friday, October 29, 2010

Carrie Brownstein tribute to Ari Up

Check out Carrie Brownstein's Ari Up tribute on NPR

"The Slits were a life-changing band that made life-changing music. What does life-changing mean? It means someone puts a song on a mix tape or throws a record on and you stop dead in your tracks because now, whatever path you were on no longer exists. In that moment, you think of histrionic and cliche things such as "from this day forward" and "from here on out," and you hope to God you have the conviction to follow through with all the things this music has inspired you to do. And, hey, you don't always do them, or all of them, but the fact that some song like "Typical Girls" — with its swirling punch punch punch of a melody — makes you think that you're capable and bold and a little on fire, well isn't that what music is for?"

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