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Friday, January 3, 2014

best of 2013 by dave harvey

Nudity taking flight once again with the seriously amazing lineup of Stephie, Rachel, Max and Tanar. When things get rolling at a show, I really do feel like I'm leaving terra firma behind. (And so stoked to record an LP next month!)

- Letting Joaquin talk me into the cockamamie idea of Госкино composing and performing a 2 hour live rock'n'roll soundtrack to Sergei Eisenstein's 1925 silent Soviet film "October" about a month and a half before the performance date. I think it's one of the highest artistic accomplishments of my life, and certainly among my favorites. Here's hoping for more performances in 2014!

- Traveling the western hemisphere with Rachel, including starting off the new year in Chile, ringing in my 40th birthday in May on a perfect beachside surfing trip in Costa Rica, and an early fall west coast road trip in the Dart complete with managing to go 4 days in a row soaking in remote hot springs.

- Oh, other people's music? GLITZ rocked my sox off at that sketchy brief-lived loft space in the Trinacria alley. And tho the record came out in 2012, I discovered the latest band in my Gothenburg, Sweden obsession around the beginning of 2013, that being GOAT: fuzzed out psychedelic afro-beat with INCREDIBLE strong female vocals; oddly being performed by, well, Swedes... Oh yeah, and QUEEN CRESCENT, 4 ladies, one from Purple Rhinestone Eagle, doing the rad heavy 70's stuff, including a full-time flautist - oh yeah, oh yeah!

- The Franz Von Stuck exhibit at the Frye Museum in Seattle. It's up thru January - Northwesters, go, Go, GO!!! It's seriously recommended!

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