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Friday, January 3, 2014

best of 2013 by lizet ortuño

Looking back at 2013 I realized that I went through intense transitions. I moved three times, lived in three different states, and found my home in the most unexpected place; Houston, TX. I fell devastatingly out of love with punk, but with the help of incredible talks with old friends, inspiring art/music, and new friends... I found that LOVE again. With that being said, I didn't make it to as many shows as other years, or bought very many records/tapes/zines, but the music/art that I have mentioned have truly moved me.

1) Spending two months in my hometown of Santa Ana, CA. Every morning I was able to have breakfast with my Grandmother, and every night I shared a bed with my closest cousin, Monica.

2) Institute - Demo + Live in Houston

3) Hanging out in Olympia with Hayes Waring, Dave Harvey, and Tanar Stalker.

4) Art by: Sara Abruña + Emma Kohlmann + Daniel Ortuño

5) Spending my summer in Portland: hitting up the tiki bars, going to Tiki Kon, swimming at Hag lake, karaoke, bowling nights, dancing @ hip hop night, being taken in by my dear friend Anne Stark, and sleep overs with Sarah Williams.

6) Hysterics - Live in NY + singing me Happy Birthday @ midnight!!

7) Moving to Houston and discovering I love it and the freaky people in it.

8) Ivy - Demo

9) Las Cruxes + Farewell books in Austin, TX - I'm so happy these places exist and that they're run by amazing people. Kudos to Veronica Ortuño, Mikaylah Bowman, and Travis Kent.

10) The Ukiah Drag - Jazz Mama is Cryin'

11) Taking solo trips to visit Darby Crash's grave and Rozz Williams' urn

12) Crazy Spirit - Live @ New York's Alright Fest

13) Getting tattooed by Christina Gemora

14) La Misma - Demo + Live @ New York's Alright Fest

15) Having a Disneyland Annual Pass and going three times a month!

16) Una Bèstia Incontrolable - Live @ Nuts! #11 Release Party

17) Everything about living in the Highland Park neighborhood of LA, but especially Wombleton Records.

18) Milk Music - Cruise Your Illusion

19) Mystic Inane - Live in Houston

20) Drake - Live in the City of Syrup

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