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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best of 2011 by Adee Roberson

Here is a list of my favorite Jams this year. As I was compiling this I was only a little surprised that my list of music consisted mostly of punk and experimental bands with people of color and women in the forefront of them. It's so great to see things change overtime, or maybe instead of focusing on what we didn't have we just made what we wanted to happen.

1. Peaking Lights "936" (Not Not Fun; 2011)

Tripped out lo fi space sounds. Elements of dub, minimal disco, and punk.
I spent a lot of time listening to this album while painting and driving long distances.

2. Covergirl "Paris Burns" (Captured Tracks; June 2011)

When I heard this I was like yay the essence of Huggy Bear is back!
gay/queer post punk. Covergirl doesn't sound like HB to me they just remind me of them with the boy/girl vocal and fuzzy loud guitars, and literal conscious lyrics. I want to move to the U.K. and be friends with them.

3. Younger Lovers "Rock Flawless" (Bachelor Records; July 2011)

I can't lie I haven't listened to this whole album through and through, but I saw YL play like 5 times this summer, and it was indeed flawless. So fucking good. soul pop punk. I love catchy lyrics, and the video for "keeps on falling down" is a black queer stoner's dance party dream come true.

4. HALO HALO " Manananggal " (Savoury Days Records 2011)

Banjo, female vocals, pause and response drum patterns. This sounds really fucking fun. and the video for the song "Manananggal" is cool too.

5. Jeepneys "Lats Yerk + Herman the Bull" (Human Ear; July 2011)

Anna Luisa is from another planet. I'm glad that she is visiting earthduring this lifetime, because I feel like she is helping to expand the minds of whoever she encounters by just kicking it with them. This is space music plane and simple. Stars, Planets, Ancestors from other galaxies are jamming to this. Imagine minimal organic house/dance music, with tap dancing and backwards vocals, and elements of jazz from Sun Ra's Arkestra.

6. Chica Vas "Te Queiro" (Generatto , March 2011)

Drums, Percussion, deep vocals. The ritual like sounds of these songs inspire me so much.

7. American Splits

Bass. Heavy Drums. Saxophone and vocals and all people of color. When I saw American Splits in San Francisco I was so happy. Really happy. This is definitely punk, post punk with elements of The Ex, and Essential Logic. I love this band. They are under the radar too, they don't have any recordings but below Is a link to a live show recording.

8. Shaggy Reaper, Fat Transfer, Teenage Love Songs Live at BernalHill, San Francisco
A sunset show with friends. Everyone who played was so good. I don't want to be dorky describing this and ruining it. It was just so good. and you had to be there.

9. Renyosa

I love when folks incorporate D.I.Y. and punk music and aesthetic with their own culture and background. This is something I am constantly striving for with my art and music and it is so satisfying to see it manifested to simply with Renyosa. LOVE.

10. The Eyo Beats "60 Africa 70" (Domino Sound)

All of the songs on this tape are old. way before 2011, but I think it was released earlier this year. A compilation of Afro beats and sounds. Highlife and RNB. Lovely artwork and songs.

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