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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011 by John Root

Best of 2011 by John Root

1. The last day of winter / first day of spring at SXSW during the "Super Moon" seeing Total Abuse then getting laid in my parents van.

2. swimming in "Agua Azul" with cave bats at Puente De Dios - Mexico

3. Club 1808 show in Austin,TX with Weird TV, Creaturas, & The Creamers

4. Sonskull at Nuts #8 release show

6. After party for the Weird TV show in Monterrey Mexico where members of Ratas Del Vaticano and other friends played covers for three hours

6. Femstival show in D.F. Mexico on the top floor of a 5 story squatted apartment.

7. Cream of the Crap Video grand opening w/ Knife to the Eye, Broken Water, Sewn Leather and AWOTT

8. Acephalix at the House of the Dead Rat in San Jose

9. Harsh Nayyar recording session

10. making $150 in LA after being filmed jerking off for a gay porn as "Richie Jacquelette". I was wearing a Hell Woman t-shirt.

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