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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of 2011 by Lisa Schonberg

ten things i loved in 2011 in no particular order

1. M'lady's Records moving to Portland
2. Kicking off 2011 at dumpster values drumming with 20 other women
3. Revival Drum shop moves into huge new space & Beacon Sound record shop moves in next door = best strip mall ever

4. PDX Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls persisting through hard financial times and raising $50,000 in a couple of months. 
5. Wild Flag performing live = most inspiring show of 2011
6. Getting to go to Michigan Womyns Fest.
7. My great aunt Ann turning 99. 
8. Getting to create, compose for & perform with the Secret Drum Band percussion ensemble. 

photo by martin evans

9. Joshua Tree, three times = favorite desert

photo by tara jane oneil

10. Surfing in the northwest

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