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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of 2011 by Rachel Evans

Here is my best and discovered for 2011
1. Film: The big picture starring Roman Duris
2. Place: Chiswick House & Gardens
3. Place : Notes Coffee and Music Shop, St Martin's Lane
4. Band: The Proper Ornaments
5. Drink: Hendricks gin, and discovering that including agostura bitters to gin makes it extra delicious
6. Music: Brazil Bossa beat from Soul Jazz Records.
7. Photographs: E.O Hoppe portraits at the National Portrait Gallery
8. Television: The new modern Sherlock Holmes
9. Books: Discovering early 19th Century literture. Jane Austen is good and not as trite as school made be believe.
10. Woman of the Year: Miss Ladybird face.. My continuing adoration of the older woman

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