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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011 by Maggie Vail

1) Comet Gain - Howl of the Lonely Crowd
2) Zola Jesus - Conatus
3) The Men - Leave Home
4) Wild Flag - Wild Flag
5) Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo
6) Veronica Falls - Veronica Falls
7) Grass Widow - Milo Minute
8) Moon Duo - Mazes
9) Total Control - Henge Beat
10) Shoppers - Silver Year

favorite show hands down:  grass widow at mississippi studios in august.
 I felt like I was in outer space.

non release best of:

1) london and paris with mom, tobi, and molly. norwich, the louvre, delicious food, brighton pub roast, ana and shirley, curries, wonderful friends, eiffel tower at night, pere lachaise, cafe de flores, and classic american cinema.

2) fiji for valentine's day. delicious kokoda! snorkeling for the first time was both harder and more beautiful than I ever imagined.

3) iceland - the blue lagoon, viking museum, driving around the stunning countryside

4) playing shows with hurry up. it's so much fun to play loud music. I really missed it, plus, I love kathy and westin so much.

5) my new job at CASH Music. it feels good to believe wholeheartedly in something and to be challenged again.

6) discovering petunia's pies and pastries. finally, gluten free desserts that taste real and somehow they are also vegan?! the first bite I had of her banana cream cake I threw down my fork and yelled "no way!" more food discoveries: sizzle pie, june, posole at autentica, oysters at eat

7) learning to make the best manhattans I've ever had

8) discovering that I had more support and love than I even knew.

9) jackson is still here and getting better.

10) the von doom family!

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I need the Manhattan recipe!