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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anti-Fashion Feminist

I am bummed that the feminists I know are so into fashion these days. I value personal style as a means of expression (sorta) and understand that it is considered an 'art form' but wonder what it means that most women//girls spend so much time on what we look like in comparison to most men/boys in a world where we are still judged by our appearance to a greater degree than most men/boys are. It's something I think about a lot but don' t have much to say about yet, though I will probably write about it at some point. There is a double standard at work that needs to be interrogated before this is just a matter of "personal choice". This doesn't mean I am giving away my berets or beatle-boots anytime soon by the way. I enjoy wearing 'outfits' sometimes too, but I try not to focus on it too much.


Stacy Teacup said...

i've noticed this too, it seems to be a big trend within zines now.

zines put together by someone who identifies themselves as a feminist, now feature articles on fashion and make-up "trends".

i'm all for fashion in terms of making your own style, having your own "look", but when it comes to actually deliberately following trends, i find it kind of confusing how this fits into everything else these people seem to stand for.

i wouldn't call myself anti-fashion as such... i think, if done truly for yourself, clothes and make-up can be quite a fun creative outlet. i actually love wearing make-up; i'm a colourful person and experimenting, to me, is a way of expressing myself.

i guess i just find this whole new affiliation between feminism and fashion a bit confusing.

The Sliver Party said...

And we all know what happens when feminism,animal rights and environmentalism etc. are treated as fads themselves,to be embraced and quickly discarded.