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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best of 2008 by Layla Gibbon

1-Becoming coordinator of Maximum Rocknroll. This is the main thing that happened to me this year. It's hard to explain how much work it involves and why I can't hang out that much anymore to my friends. It's basically two people running a business and putting together the content for a magazine each month, I am not super psyched on every issue I have worked on, but the last one, The punk in film issue was a definite high point. Having Black Flag/Target video, the drag queen performance troupe the Wasp Women and some Brazillian punks circa 1982 all on the same cover was pretty awesome... The nmovies contained within are all worth checking out. I wrote a column about the chicago punk one, which has great footage of End Result, a band formed by kids from the projects who walked in on a punk show in maybe 82, and decided to form a hardcore band with a bass and a saxaphone and guitar and no drums. That's hardcore. Also living in the same building as the record collection, being able to listen to Teddy and the Frat Girls and um some random Finnish hardcore from 81 I had never heard of til that second...

2-Silla Electrica Demo
Silla Electrica are from Spain and make the brattiest girl/boy punk imaginable, like the X record sped up times a million, totally desperate get used to it.

3-Trouble Coffee-bike rides out to the beach early in the morning when the fog is still covering the park. this coffee place only sells cinnamon toast and coffee, there's a stack of records and tapes and books, and random old junk like books about forgotten heroes of the michigan garage scene and riding boots and so on. riding my bike out to the ocean and out along it is my favorite thing I think.

4-Billy Childish and the MBE-Thatcher's children 7". total fury and disgust and so catchy and right on on all fronts, subject matter, sound, intent.

5-Lebenden Toten live at Thrillhouse, crammed in a basement while Chanel's insane vocals and the total noise destruction are all consuming and the show's over too soon and i was even in the pit, which I don;t think has happened since GRUNGE.

6-Sex Vid are my favorite band, miscreant hardcore style. The way and the truth.

7-brilliant colors tape, perfect mix of post punk and shop assistants, jess' vocals are dreamy and tough.

8-Billy Bao-from Spain via nigeria, the sound of rock music collapsing in on itself, angry shitbag sounds for mutant times.

9-getting to interview Raymond Pettibon at his house (thanks wendy!) and also Sharon Cheslow too, both were inspiring for different reasons... i have to figure out my interview technique, I think I am too goofy.

10-Death-this just got reissued by Drag City, classic sounding proto punk from Detroit circa 74, three African American's making perfect freedom sounds, I don;t know how to describe it but it's kind of classic rock sounding but then the song politicians in my eyes is not only proto punk but also um proto HR vocal style...

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