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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best of 2008 by Marissa Magic

11. finishing Deep Suburbia, getting mega positive response from it (I
guess people never call to be like "yr. zine
suuuuuuucccccckkkkeeeeddd", whatever) and even getting mentioned on
Bull Tongue (I think they fucking called me a genius!)!

2. writing more and more for MRR (and hanging out more), because I
really like those punks and it kind of blows my mind to have such a
gigantic world wide audience for all my semi-radical rants

3. realizing I really want to be a librarian, basically I've felt
weird and out of place for the majority of my working life except for
that chunk of time at KRS/5RC, and then I got my childhood dream job
of working at the Exploratorium as a library assistant (I'm on call,
wish they'd call me more) and suddenly realized getting paid to work
in a room full of information I have full access to with super smart
librarians is kind of amazing

4. finally landing myself in an all girl punk band, though short
lived, I got to open for some bands I really love and respect and that
blow my mind, our best show by far was playing at million fishes, an
all ages gallery thing in the mission, where all of our friends were
flipping out dancing in the front. Or maybe the best show we played
was the dude warehouse in Oakland where when we loaded in and it was
like "where the fuck are we?" and then we mega ripped shit up, at the
end I said "most triumphant"

5. starting a new-as-yet-unnamed band with Amelia, Dave and Corrine,
playing a house show a week after our first practice, not clearing the
room, and everyone describing it as "a surf-y early sonic youth" It's
the music I've always wanted to play!

these shows:
1. sex vid, sisters, nodzzz, and gun outfit in laylas backyard
(everyone was like whoooaaa! girl in the pit!)
2. purple rhinestone eagle at million fishes (never liked the
recordings, blew my fucking mind live)
3. new bloods, grass widow at the bike kitchen (actually, grass widow
in general)
4. boredoms at the fillmore (yoshimi drumming for 2 HOURS STRAIGHT.)
5. night wounds at the mansion (fucking shit up, got hit in the head
with a bass guitar)
5. nu sensae at the mansion (yeah, until the cops came and shined
their cop light on us)
6. carrots at the knockout (hottest day of the year. You walked in and
would be instantly damp. All the texans were like "wait, it's hot?")
7. u.s. girls at the hemlock (usually I don't like when people just
sit and sing at you, but something about it is the saddest sound on
9. explode into colors at some hair salon (I swear it's like an army
on horses coming over the hill to fuck you up)
10. old haunts at thrillhouse (their old records spent a lot of time
on my turntable this summer, the old ones just because I don't have
the new one yet)

some records:

1. nu sensae 12" (grrrrruuuuuuuunnnnnggggggeeeee)
2. vivian girls - wild eyes 7" (it's kind of sweet but totally full of danger)
3. modern creatures - thick thick black 7" (new/no wave, bedroom dance)
4. new bloods - secret life (this band kills me everytime)
5. vapid - do the earthquake 7" (I love girl scream rave-ups)
6. grass widow tape (pretty much my favorite local band)
7. u.s. girls - introducing (it's like neil young but a girl fuzzed
out alone in her room)
8. explode into colors tape (ok, I haven't actually heard it but I
know I'm getting one, I know I'm going to like it, and it happened in
9. free kitten - inherit (FREE FUCKING KITTEN!!!!!!!)
10. mutators - secret life (#1 girl screamer.)


Tobi Vail said...

sorry the text is formatted weird. i can't figure it out.

Unknown said...

some add ons:

sex vid/finally punk/grass widow/nodzzz/brilliant colors NYE show, in my head I was like "I can't include that, it's so 2009" but I guess it'll just be on next years list too.

art/museum stuff:
douglas gordon: pretty much every film and video work from about 1992 til now at sfmoma

the way that we rhyme: women, art and politics at the ybca

the new academy of sciences

gilbert & george at the deyoung