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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best of 2008 by Justin Trosper

not so sure its THE BEST of 2008 (and it might have happened in 2007 or 6):

The Grand Canyon. I went to the GC with my class at Evergreen to study geomorphology, natural history, channeling Ed Abbey, etc. dude it was awesome!

Toumani Diabaté "The Mande Variations" African harp (kora). this is one of those albums that people call stunning and breathtaking. I guess it is and you don't even have to be a world music nerd like me.

Studying Haiku

Ross Lake/North Cascades canoe trip with Sarah. I did this same trip in the same canoe 25 years ago with my dad. Ospreys, box wine, alpine views, trout fishing, etc.

Metallica "death magnetic" its better than anything slayer or metallica have done for many years but not as good as anything pre-90's. especially if you block out the lyrics, there are killer solos and riffs.

Robert Wyatt "Comicopera" I probably put this on my list last year.

"No Picnic on Mount Kenya" -Felice Benuzzi. My favorite summer read. Italian POWS during WW 2 escape so they can climb a mountain. Totally absurd and true.

"Pilgrim at Tinker Creek"--Annie Dillard, my other favorite summer read. Like if Patti Smith was Thoreau.

"Life on Earth" with David Attenborough

Spending much of the summer cleaning up trash and giving people directions around Mt St Helens.

"Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms" Donald J Borror. If you're into science...

Beginning my snowboarding career at age 36 with bruised ribs.

Another year in Kamilche, WA with my S.O. and animal friends

Tomas Transtromer-swedish poet

I also enjoyed non-specifically: Wu-Tang, Teddy Pendergrass, Bee Gees (disco), Mastodon, Selda, Mitch Hedberg, Look Around You, socks, the world atlas, IPA, red wine with dinner, tequila on DJ nights.

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