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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best of 2008 by Nadia Buyse

1. Obama....duh. BEST ROLE MODEL of '08

2. Choke the movie. I think it was the first time I've ever seen a movie based on a book where I liked the movie so much more. BEST MOVIE BASED ON A BOOK of '08

3. Explode into colors. best new band of '08 hands down. BEST BAND of '08

4. re release of The Rats by Mississippi records. People were so happy they were crying. BEST RECORD of '08

5. No Bra at Dunes. One word comes to mind: Majestic. BEST SHOW of '08

6. Paparazzi @ Pride in San Francisco, that Randy from Mon Cousin Belge is such a showy little queen! BEST OTHER SHOW of '08

7. Guidance Counselor EP. It was a pop miracle. BEST CDR GIVEN TO ME AT A SHOW of '08

8.The Orphanage. Hands down the scariest thing I've seen in years SCARIEST MOVIE of '08

9. Dramatic Chipmunk. I think i watched that like 20 times and still laugh when I see it. BEST ESOTERIC YOUTUBE.COM VIDEO of '08

10. Poppers... They made a big comeback. BEST 30 SECOND BUZZ of '08

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