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Monday, January 5, 2009

Best of 2008 by Carlos Cañedo

13. The NY GROOVE, R.I.P.

12. Summer

11. My shrink

10. Jesse Helms' death - ...finally. Too bad he couldn't have drowned, or bled to death from having his balls cut off.

9. Quebec City, July 2008 - Performing in a Tango show in the middle of a torrential downpour to 50 - of an expected 3,000 - people.

8. ESPN - Because without the diversion of a 24-hour sports station, I would probably be... well, worse off. So, YAY SPORTS! (I would probably put this one higher on the list if I wasn't embarrassed to).

7. Moving to the West Village - Sure, it's full of douchebags and tourists, and is an empty cultural shell of what it once was. But I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

6. DJing @ SWAY

5. Fernandez Fierro @ Joe's Pub - A Tango orchestra from Buenos Aires. Fucking amazing and vital in a tango music scene that has no fucking idea how to evolve with any honesty, originality or class. Listen to their music and love it.

4. GOLDEN ERROR - From BKLN. They give me faith that people can still play good punk rock and still make me wanna go to a show that me or my good friends aren't playing.

3. Roberto Reis and Guillermina Quiroga dancing together again. They are my teachers and they hadn't performed together in like 7 years. But they are the best Tango couple ever. Regardless of what your friends say. Their professfional careers together is another example of why you shouldn't get involved with your dance partner...

2. The Last game at YANKEE STADIUM - Batting practice, crying when Bernie Williams came out in the pregame ceremony, crying again when Mariano Rivera came out to pitch the 9th, and, 90 minutes after the game, being one of the last people to leave Yankee Stadium, having the Stadium to myself for a short moment.

1. The citizens of the United States of America - for collectively electing a non-white man into the White House. While we are all aware (I hope) that replacing your car's upholstery won't make your engine run any better, I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe [emphatic repetition] Americans are becoming aware that the car needs a GOOD FUCKING OVERHAUL!

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