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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best of 2008 by Veronica Ortuño

-Personal achievement of the year: Making straight A's in school and mastering my drum skills

-Finally Punk winter tour in its entirety (GOD DAMN WE'RE BAD)

-the four closest friends in my life (you know who you are I hope)--you are my back bone and I love you with all I am and more. Honorable mention: Alex Carroccio and the Labiarynth homies, Ryan Carlile, Trish Sullivan (m'doggs).

-Musics of the year: The Chills; ironically enough, listening to Minor Threat after a night's binge drinking; Vivian Girls-s/t LP; Glenn Branca-The Ascension; Red Cross-s/t; Guided by Voices mixes; Malaria!; Swans; U.S. Girls-Introducing; Kate Bush-demos (most amazing shit...recorded when she was 15 years old?); Middle Class-Out of Vogue EP; Ludus; Chris Isaak; Girls At Our Best; Los Dug Dug's-Lost In My World; Cry Blood Apache-"Master of the Quarantine" and Northern Travelers EP; Sex Vid-Communal Living and Drugging 7"; Flux of Pink Indians-Neu Smell 7"; Earcom 3 7"; Gun Outfit-Demo; Nina Simone; Total Abuse (new songs that aren't recorded yet(??) blew my mind); Look Blue Go Purple; Robert Wyatt-At Last I am Free/Strange Fruit 7"; Grass Widow-demo tape

-Best show(s): The Fucked Up show at Beerland during SXSW where I forgot all words to "Year of the Pig", headbanged for 5 minutes instead and subsequently passed out ((standing up)) on stage the remaining 10 minutes because I took too many xanax/vicodin (actually, that's probably the worst show); punk shows in PDX; Sex Vid shows at Old School; Vivian Girls at the Backspace; Sex Vid/Finally Punk/Nodzzz/Brilliant Colors and Grass Widow (serious best SF girl bands) NYE show; Explode Into Colors at the Dekum Manor; U.S. Girls in Chicago; The Carrots in Oly/Seattle/New York/Austin; Cry Blood Apache playing with an aluminum trash can at the Whisky; The Sword at the Crystal Ballroom--chilling in the tour bus listening to Phil Anselmo talk rubbish. Big ups to B.Richie, hadn't seen my homie in FOUR YEARS!!!; Toody and Fred of Dead Moon getting interviewed for Soft Focus; the show I threw at the 501 Theater during SXSW marks pretty rad times too.

-Best movies/videos: MANSON documentary; The works of Kenneth Anger; Fire Walk With Me; Planet Earth; Flipper live target vid; Back to the Future; The Departed; Mask; revisiting "Summer Camp Nightmare" (omg); Harry Pussy "Live 1993-1997"; Mondo Vision (rad SF underground punk videozine); early Nirvana footage; Kraut Nacht compilation; The Smiths-Two Light Ales Please; Les Rallizes Denudes live in '77; Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains; Bad Brains-Live at CBGB 1978; Suburban Lawns live at Chica-Go-Go

-Good reads: The Ripper zine---Lanie Fletcher is my favorite writer of the times; Layla Gibbon-Chimps/whatwewantisfree; Raymond Pettibon zine for Ooga Booga; Lexicon Devil; Sylvia Plath; Kurt Vonnegut

-Real time Scrabble/Online Scrabble; Dirty Harry pinball at Old School Pizzeria

-Portland related: Weekly karaoke at the Alibi; Goth night; Soul night; moss; Framboise Lamic / Franziskaner / a bottle of red wine; all of Portland's bridges and the "Made in Oregon" sign at night; skating to-and-from class / downside to skating anywhere---not having a partner EVER; moving into a beautiful house with rad roommates; chilling with my friends who came to town on tour etc.

-AUSTIN during Christmas Break; San Francisco YOU BLOW MY MIND

-Art related: Robert Longo's "Men in the Cities" series (1979); Linder!!!; Gerhard Richter; Peter Saville; Matt Lyons; Mikaylah Bowman; Lauren O'Connor and Jean Nagai

-Prudest year of the new millenium.

-Most hated thing of 2008: hippies. petiole.

-- 2009 -- YEAR -- OF -- THE -- OX -- will prevail

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