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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best of 2008 by Tobi Vail

here's my list:

Pete Molinari-A Virtual Landslide LP
The New Bloods-The Secret Life LP
Fucked Up-the chemistry of modern life LP
Vivian Girls-S/T LP
Comet Gain-Broken Record Prayers LP
Earth-the Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull LP
Deerhoof-Offend Maggie LP
Marnie Stern-This Is...LP
Blatz/ Filth Shit Split reissue LP
Magnetic Fields-Distortion LP
White Lung 7"
Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis LP
Melvins-Nude with Boots LP
Estelle-Wait A Minute single
Love is All-A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night LP
Free Kitten-Inherit LP
Extreme Animals-Let the Magic Take You There LP
Aids Wolf-Cities of Glass LP
Finally Punk 7" on M'Lady
(non-2008) recordings of all Jenny Hoyston's bands
Santogold S/T LP
Alecia Keys-As I Am LP (even though this came out in 2007)
Rye Rye & DJ Blaqstarr Shake it to the ground 12" (also 2007 i think)
Madonna-Give It To Me single
Explode Into Colors demo
Mutators LP
Malaria Compiled CD reissue
new Joey Casio recordings (unreleased)
Cheap Time-S/T LP
White Magic-New Egypt EP
Vivian Girls-Tell the World 7"
Hunx and his Punks-You Don't Like Rock-n-Roll 7"
Comet Gain-Love w/o Lies 7"
Cometbus #51 The Lonliness of the Electric Menorah
Wild Billy Childish and the MBE's-Thatcher's Children 7"
Cat Power-Jukebox LP
Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs-Dirt Don't Hurt LP
Shop Assistants reissue

Fergie from outside the gates at the Puyallup Fair
CaUSE co-Motion @ the Big Room (Crystal Stilts not as good, but still fun)
Sewn Leather/Joey Casio @ Bike & Bike
Hornet Leg and New Bloods @ Dekum Manor
Black Rainbow & Glue Punk Brunch in oly (black house)
Shorebirds @ Phantom City
Mona Reels @ Rainy Day
Erick Lyle reading at the Olympia Library
Killer Dreamer live in San Pedro (all ages)
Nudity @ Voyeur with Quitty on bass!
Sex Vid @ Old School Pizza
Black Rainbow in Oakland (punk house)
The Divine Feud in SF (club)
Carnal Knowledge in Brooklyn (punk house)
Little Claw @ some nameless bar in Seattle
Underground Railroad to Candyland in Longbeach, CA
ESPS @ the Smell
COCO @ Bro Ho
Love or Perish in Oly (basement)
Gun Outfit @ Bro Ho
New Bloods in Oly (basement)
Joey Casio @ Hall of the Woods (but I missed the end)\
Girl Trouble/Sonics at the Showbox
Calvin Johnson @ Old School


+Obama/Batman '08!!!!

1 comment:

Tobi Vail said...

i also forgot , playing with deathset, bondo do role and dj sega @ sonar in baltimore, calvin johnson @ old school and pine hill haints @ the clipper

also, going to muscle shoals and touring fame recording studios in florence, alabama

im making my bummed out list of 2008 now, which so far includes

+drummer of pierced arrows ruining it for me
+reef fire
+ribeye closing down
+state capitol greenhouse closing down
+condos/gentrification of downtown oly in general