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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best of 2008: Brett Lyman

1. "pearling" by sahra motalebi - favorite single of 2008. it's overwhelming.
2. mike leigh's "happy go lucky" - even more overwhelming and profound
and... its the very best
3. all the issues to date of make/shift magazine
4. "le corbeau" and "la salarie de la peur" by henri-georges clouzot -
both from long ago but excellent
5. yellow fever in concert and on record
6. best houseguests of 2008 - the carrots and steve dore (tie) (also
were here simultaneously)
7. pot punx and transcendental punks - tie for best new punks
8. "keep on keepin on" by n.f. porter
9. "all on the first day" by tony, caro, and john
10. realizing that many new groups these days are using the most basic
and base aspects of capitalism to artificially manufacture interest in
their recordings and are no more worthy of trust or respect than the
fucking international monetary fund. they are phonies, and should all
be forced to change the names of their groups to "ebay dot com" or
possibly "photo shoot". luckily i predict that 2009 will see a
resurgence in brilliant critical people that are not afraid anymore to
tell someone that they're fucked up. cross yr fingers

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